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These forms may be downloaded


These are PDF files that require you have a reader installed. If you do not have a reader we suggest the free Foxit Reader.


  1. Our Standard Price List
  2. Customer Agreement and Terms of Service
       This form can be downloaded and filled out for on screen for printing. It will do price calculations as well.
  3. Form to authorize monthly debit  for hosting services.
      This form can be downloaded and filled out on screen for printing.
  4. Our Sales Tax form for wholesale suppliers.
        This is a fillable form. When you download, you can type in your company name and    today's date and print a hard copy for your tax records.


If you need to complete a form, please type information on screen and print a copy for your signature. Completed and signed forms can be sent via US Mail with check for payment where appropriate or you may fax it to our toll free fax number, 888-684-4346.


Please Note: The customer agreement and other forms can be fill able on screen. In addition to typing in your information, this form will do the financial calculations for you when the price information is entered correctly. Feel free to call us for assistance.

A faxed signature is considered as legal as the original.

If the form is for new service, payment equal to 1/3 of the initial amount is required before work will begin. If you provided credit card information on the form we will debit that card and start work. You can also choose to use the PayPal payment option located at the bottom left of this web site or mail with a check.

If you already have a domain name or separately registered one here, do not include any amount for that domain on the agreement, but DO be sure to include the domain name in the proper location on the form.

If you have any questions or need help please do not hesitate to call us, 9:30-5 EST weekdays.

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