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Open weekdays EST from 9AM to 5PM.
Closed major holidays


These pages provide you with various forms of information to help you resolve common problems. They also provide instructions and tutorials on how to do most common tasks using the provided control panel.


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What is NOT an emergency? 
  • If it has to do with content or updating of your web site itself this is only handled weekdays when we are open.
  • Updates are not considered an emergency.
  • If you manage your own site and for some reason cannot log in even though the site is working as usual, this will be resolved for you on the next business day..
  • If the actual server is down or emails are down these may constitute an emergencey. 
Our technicians monitor our servers and the server monitors itself as well and problems that affect the server are noticed and repaired without outside direction. In many cases the server is actually capable of reparing itself by stopping then restarting services that have encountered a problem.  Always wait a few minutes and see if the problem has self-healed.
In other words if the server fails or the email server failes there is no need to report this as we will know about it probably before you do and will be working on it.  ( Think first: If you are reading this then the server is working ! )
If you are having issues with emails bouncing that is proof your email server sent your email out. Bounces result from issues on the recipient's end, not your email account.


If you tried everything and really believe there is a problem try sending an Emergency Email Here.  Note that if the server really is down this won't work and you won't be reading this anyway.

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