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Promotional Advertising Novelties & Specialties


Everyone has at least one promotional pen or keychain in their pocket with some company's name and phone number on it. This should be YOUR company's name on it! This is one of the most common of promotional novelty items around. Other common advertising promotions are coffee mugs, ball caps, tee shirts, key chains etc.

These items can be used in a number of ways that make them unique to marketing and fund raising.

In addition to the traditional and obvious use to promote your business, many of these items can make great gifts to sell at fund raising and other charity events. Stop to think...if you ever purchased a souvenir from a gift shop you bought one of these novelty items. They make great custom products for resale as well as free give always at conventions and business networking events.

Consider them as prizes in contests to drive visitors to your web site. Perhaps as a freebie given with the purchase of a product or service.  We offer over 800,000 such items on our advertising specialty web page.


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