Hosting Services

So you need a web site. You cannot have a web site without hosting service.  This amounts to the apartment that will house your site and provide access to the internet. Your web site is the furniture.

A web server is a special computer located in a Network Operations Center (NOC) where it is connected to the internet via a very fast connection, typically, as in our case, to multiple providers to provide redundancy.  Our server is running an operating system called Linux which is a version of Unix. It is the most often used OS for serving web pages because of it's security and reliability. The actual software used to send web pages is called Apache which serves a majority of the world's web sites.  For the user interface to manage the servers we rely on cPanel.  We lease a powerful multi-processor Zeon server.  A lease is prefered to outright ownership because it includes some pretty fantastic support, upgrades and fast resolution of any problems which may occure regarding software or hardware, 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. It also includes redundant power, redundant connectivity and heavy security.

Many web site applications also depend on various common packages used to provide content delivery to your web browser. Among these are PHP, ASP, FrontPage, MySQL, CGI, Perl, Python, Sendmail, Qmail , FTP and many others.

When we host your site we also provide both on-site and off-site backup of your web site.

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