About Stuff Done

It's kind of amazing how seemingly unrelated things conspire to alter one's path.

In 1995 I was suffering with painful arthritis in my hip. I was an electrician at that time but the pain made that profession nonviable.  I needed something I could support myself with that did not involve climbing rafters or trudging around in the Florida heat on concrete slabs.

This was at a time when insurance companies were permitted to refuse to treat any "pre-existing" condition and I lacked $80,000 cash for a new hip.

I had owned other businesses before and did not have any desire to work for someone else again. I wanted to do my own thing.

I had always been a techie and into computers and was already poking around online even in those early days. Web pages for small local business was a relatively untapped market.

Why not look into that?

There were precious few tools available for an aspiring web master in those days and functions available were pretty basic. I had to be self-taught or give up. The top browser was Netscape! It was only a year old then. As for domain names they were totally under the control of Network Solutions and pretty expensive. There were no competitors at that time.

I learned to hard code web pages the old fashion way (which was not old fashioned then!) using a text editor and HTML code.

My internet was dial up! Ouch. It was almost a year before DSL was available where I lived so I just had a second phone line installed and stayed connected all day.

I have progressed through a couple of company names for various reasons, starting out as PK Data, then with a partner for awhile had incorporated as eVolution Web. Now Stuff Done is where my flag shall remain planted to the end.

Having moved around, rented office space, operating from the office of other business ventures, I finally came back to my roots.  Working from home. (Was a blessing during pandemic as my situation hardly took notice.)

Looking back..those were the brutal old days compared to the feature rich web environment we now enjoy.

To this day I still have many of my original customers...loyal for over 28 years!  I must be doing something right.

We do not discriminate against anyone ! If you have the money, we will respectfully work with you.